The NDA for entrepreneurs.

Protect your ideas & intellectual property without slowing down your pitch. Husch is fast, secure & effective. Coming soon to iOS, Android & Web.

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    Fast & Convenient

    Get a completed NDA right away. No paper, no filing, no forgotten signatures. Husch agreements are saved for 7 years.

    Secure & Legally Binding

    Husch agreements are ESIGN (US) and eIDAS (EU) compliant and as legally binding as handwritten signatures.

    Made for technology IP

    Whether you’re building your own products, or protecting a client’s business, Husch agreements were written to protect ideas and intellectual property in technology.

    How it works.

    • Create an agreement.

      Choose between a mutual or a unilateral contract, set the recipient name and contact details.

    • Send & eSign.

      Text or email the agreement to the recipient. They can sign on mobile or web. Get notified when they sign.

    • Saved. Secure & verifiable.

      Your NDA is saved for 7 years with a legally verifiable audit trail for legal evidence. Documents are sent and stored using SSL encryption

    Cut the busy work. Get down to business.

    Quickly create and send an NDA. Husch is optimized for effortless speed.

    No more opening up a document editor, replacing names and dates, saving to PDF, emailing to recipient, and waiting for a response.

    Husch cuts out the busy work to get you a completed NDA, fast.

    You may be signing your NDA's the wrong way.

    You may be signing your NDA’s the wrong way.

    When you ‘add a signature’ to a PDF contract, it may not be legally verifiable.

    ESIGN (US) and eIDAS (EU) legal regulations require an audit trail that includes signer email address, device IP, document fingerprint and timestamp.

    Husch agreements come with the audit trail that will protect your ideas and intellectual property.

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      Frequently asked questions

      • How is this different than other e-signing services?

        Husch is built to quickly create and send a secure NDA, without the need for a subscription. It’s great for entreprenuers that don’t have regular e-signing needs, but need an NDA quickly signed.

      • How is this better than a free NDA template?

        The Husch agreements have been written by legal staff, specialized in technology. The Husch service gets you a legally verifiable signature fast through email or text message. Did we mention it’s legit?

      • Does Husch work globally?

        The Husch agreements apply internationally, and are legally enforceable in the US. This means you can complete an NDA with an offshore confidant, but enforcing the agreement may be more difficult. This is the same with all international NDA contracts. Always use discretion in who you share private information with.

      • How much does it cost?

        Each Husch agreement costs $5.99 to send. This takes care of the lighting fast technology, the legal fees, the 7 years of SSL encrypted storage, and ice cream for the kids (ours, not yours).

      • Is this compliant with the ESIGN Act?

        Yep. And eIDAS in Europe as well. Specifically, we use SSL encryption for the sending and storage of all documents. And we keep an audit trail for legal evidence, including signer email address, device IP, and timestamp.

      • Does my recipient need an account to sign?

        Not at all. You’ll need an account to send a signature, but your recipient won’t. We may send them an email to get them to sign up, but we’ll never share our email lists.

      Husch helps entrepreneurs protect their IP with specialized agreements that can easily be created, sent and signed in minutes from a mobile device.

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